A team of financial and insurance professionals under one roof.

Our team has the know-how and the heart to help you, and we're ready to share our talents with you.

We’d love to share our back-story with you, but here are the big things you should know about EJC.

  • Our CEO and founder started the original business when he was 19 years old.
  • Our partnership team has a combined 55+ years of experience in insurance and financial services.
  • We have 3 locations, 3 partners and 10 team members.
  • All partners and team members are licensed and insured.

A mission to build lasting relationships.

Everyday, EJC Insurance & Financial strives to be a proactive and active partner in our clients' lives.

It all started with a mission and a vision to bring a level of communication, care and trust to the financial and insurance industry that people had never seen before.

Forming relationships with our clients that allow us to work together and take care of them for the rest of their lives.

  • Our Vision

    To help our clients PLAN for the future, PROTECT their assets and PRESERVE their family’s lifestyle so they can have the financial confidence they deserve and the future they dream of.

    We do it through a TEAM of experts who educate and advise our clients so they can make the best financial decisions for their family.

  • Our Mission

    Make our client’s lives simpler, easier and better, at least when it comes to insurance and finances.

  • Our Values

    • With multiple, professional advisors on our team, we ALL follow the highest standard of care which states that we must put our clients' interest above our own, and follow the very best course of action for our clients, regardless of how it affects us personally or our income.
    • A professional advisor's advice must be the result of thorough and accurate analysis and they must execute it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.
    • We believe that we should educate, not sell. Be proactive in communicating and problem solving, not reactive. We believe that we should do the hard work so our clients don’t have to.
    • We believe that transparency, honesty and integrity matter in all things, but especially in matters as important as finances and insurance.
    • And most importantly we believe in the golden rule, and we treat our clients, future clients, vendors and team members the way we want to be treated.
Older couple smiling at each other riding bikes
meet the team

Get to know your talented
and amazing advisors

Robert Edgin smiling wearing a grey suit with grey vest
Robert Edgin
  • Robert started in the insurance business when he was in middle school, working in his dad’s insurance agency. He fell in love with the business and opened his own insurance agency at the age of 19 while attending college. He found immediate success through a focus on better communication with his clients and won the “Rookie of the Year” award for Allstate Insurance after his first full year. Finance, entrpreneurship and business quickly became Robert’s real passions so he formed Edgin Insurance & Financial in 2000, in order to add financial services to his practice.
  • Since making that change 20+ years ago, Robert has won countless awards, including agency of the year for the state of Colorado 17 times. Robert has a vast knowledge of business ownership, finance, real estate  and insurance.
  • Robert earned and maintains his Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation and the Life and Annuity Certified Planner (LACP) designation.
  • He has lived in Colorado since he was 4 years old and loves taking advantage of everything the state has to offer. He is an adventurer and loves the mountains and the outdoors. He has been with his wife, Kylah, since he was 18 years old and, together, they love to travel the world and spend time with their 2 kids, Taylor and Christian.
Brian Johnson smiling wearing a brown jacket and white button up shirt
Brian Johnson
  • Brian started in the insurance and financial services business in July 2001.  After high school Brian attended Kellogg Community College where he received an associates degree in criminal justice and then went on to Michigan State University where he received a bachelor of arts degree with a major in criminal justice.  This was also the time in which Brian discovered his interest in economics which he took several courses as electives which pushed him to receive the degree by a semester since the economic credits did not satisfy the criminal justice degree requirements.  Fast forward to 2001 after many late nights of researching how to become a financial advisor, Brian began his financial and insurance career.
  • Brian moved to Colorado 2 days after graduating from Michigan State University in 1995
Tim Cruz smiling wearing a grey vest and white button up shirt
Tim Cruz
  • Tim has spent most of his career in Business Development, Sales and Management.  He loves seeing businesses grow and developing new talent. He started in the insurance industry in 2015 because he has a passion for helping people and wanted to make a difference in his community.  
  • Tim has won numerous awards in sales. Recently he was awarded the prestigious Insurance industry award of Blue Vase, Presidents Club, and the Dynamic Growth Award.  Tim spent 6 years in the Marine Corps and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Project Management from Colorado Technical University.  Tim holds the following licenses: Property, Casualty, Life, Health and Series 6.
  • Tim lives in Colorado where he has spent all his life.  He has an amazing wife of over 20 years, two adult sons, Two daughters – in – law, and 5 grandkids.  He likes to travel, hunt, play drums, spend time with his family, ski and camp. Some of his favorite spots in the world to visit are:  Barcelona, Christ church, and the Amalfi Coast.  
  • Tim Cruz is an insurance advisor, and is not securities licensed.
Kaysia Sutz smiling wearing a black leaf print shirt and white jacket
Kaysia Sutz
New Business Specialist

Hello, I'm Kaysia, one of the insurance specialists here at EJC! I started in the insuranceindustry as a new client assistant and spent a year behind the scenes learning everything I couldabout auto and home insurance. Now I’m on the new client team, and I am dedicated to takingcare of our new clients insurance needs! I attended CSU and PPCC (for nursing) before fallingin love with the insurance industry and moving into my career. I am a proud dog-mom to mychocolate-silver lab, Dallas, and a soon to be mom to my first child in the upcoming months. Iam also a proud Law Enforcement Officer Wife (LEOW). I was born and raised here inColorado Springs and I love the area!

Margie Ainsworth smiling wearing blue and white
Margie Ainsworth
New Client Liason

I am a Colorado Native and have lived in this area for most of my life. I have aBachelor’s degree in Business Management and I have been in the insurance industryfor a little over 7 years. I have two children and two grandchildren that sadly live inTexas. I am an animal lover and have a collection of exotic pets as well as fur babies. Ienjoy camping and fishing with my husband of 25 years, and indoor grandma activitiessuch as crochet and narrating children’s books for my grandkids via FaceTime.

Kristen Van Thournout smiling wearing a black shirt and jacket
Kirsten Van Thournout
Life Insurance Services

Kirsten here! I'm a 30 year old mother of 2 who enjoys all things outdoors. I've got myBachelor's degree in Music Education, and even though I don't teach anymore, I stilllove to perform with friends whenever I get the chance. I've worked at EJC Insuranceand Financial since 2020, and have enjoyed being a part of this team. I'm here to assistwith all things Life Insurance and Finance related!

Erica McGowran smiling wearing a blue shirt and black sweater
Erica McGowran
Client Services

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Claudia Roldan smiling wearing blue
Claudia Roldan
Client Services

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Eryn Fountaine smiling wearing a white shirt and black jacket
Eryn Fountaine
Client Services

Hi everyone! I am 27 years old and I have worked as a Client RelationshipManager for a little over three years. I graduated from the University ofColorado in 2020 and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. I justcelebrated three wonderful years of marriage with my husband. We are afamily of SEVEN! 2 kids and 3 dogs. In "favorite order" the pup names areCharlie, Leo, and Rylie. Yes, they do know their proper place in the family. Ican't do that for the kids, they are equal. I love having coffee with my halfand half and spending time with my family.

Kayla Hulsey smiling wearing blue shirt and white sweater
Kayla Hulsey
Client Services

Hey Y'all! I am 27 and have been joyously married for 2.5 years. I graduatedfrom the best kept secret in Texas, Tarleton State University! Fun fact aboutme, Colorado is the first landlock state I have ever spent time in. I am acostal girl through and through, I do not discriminate, I love any large bodyof water. I also REALLY LOVE puns, or what the young people call "dadjokes", so PLEASE ask me what my all-time favorite joke is!

Kaitlin Bejarano smiling sitting down wearing blue
Kaitlin Bejarano
Client Services

Hey, I’m Kaitlin. I am the new business liaison here at EJC Insurance and Financial. I’m 22 and I have lived in Colorado since I was 7 years old. You can find me spendingmy free time reading books or exploring all the beauty Colorado has to offer with myfriends. I have a passion for helping others, and I hope to connect with all of our newclients to help better their lives.

Sam Perez-Carcia smiling waring a dark top
Sam Perez-Garcia
Client Services

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EJC logo in black
Russell Estes
Client Services

New Jersey born; Colorado Springs raised. Graduated from CSU-Pueblo with a degree inSociology emphasizing in Criminal Justice. My insurance background includes sales, claims,subrogation and underwriting. I enjoy oceans, beaches, and hot temperatures overmountains. I love travelling and exploring new places as often as possible!.

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