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At EJC Insurance & Financial, we ensure that you receive the right contractor insurance to support your business operations seamlessly. Our online platform provides cost-effective solutions, enabling you to secure your business and return to your essential tasks efficiently.

You can enjoy savings of up to 10% by combining two or more of our policies. Our specialty lies in crafting business insurance plans tailored specifically for contractors.

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Professions Included

We cater to a wide range of professions, including:

Appliance Technician, Carpenter, Concrete Contractor, Debris Removal, Drywall Contractor, Electrician, Excavation Contractor, General Contractor, Handyman, HVAC Contractor, Home Renovation Contractor, Mason, Insulation Contractor, Painters, Paving and Asphalt Contractor, Plumber, Roofing, Siding Installation Contractor, Solar Contractor, Snow Plowing, Welding, Tile, Stone and Flooring Installer, Paperhanger, Fence Installation Contractor, Lawn Care, Landscaping.

The Importance of Business Insurance for Construction Contractors

Construction contractors require business insurance as a safeguard against various unexpected incidents and accidents, such as an employee's fall from a ladder or a collision involving your work vehicle.

Often, having insurance is mandatory for obtaining licenses and securing contracts. More importantly, a fitting insurance policy ensures that you don't have to bear out-of-pocket expenses if an unfortunate incident occurs. With the right coverage, you can concentrate on your work, free from the nagging concerns of potential mishaps.

How Contractors Liability Insurance Safeguards Your Business

Contractor liability insurance can alleviate the financial strain if you are charged with causing an injury or property damage at a job site or held accountable for a work error leading to financial losses. At EJC Insurance & Financial, we blend two types of liability insurance to give you a comprehensive business insurance package:

  • General Liability Insurance forms the foundation of robust contractor insurance coverage. Considering the significant time contractors like you spend on others' property, it's easy to foresee potential accidents - a ladder scratching a hardwood floor, or someone tripping over your extension cord and injuring themselves.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance (Professional Liability) protects you from allegations of work inadequacy, regardless of their veracity. If a client believes that you have failed to meet agreed-upon services, they may claim a re-do. This coverage assists with the expenses to defend your business or resolve the issue.

Additional Essential Business Insurance Coverages for Contractors In Colorado

While liability insurance is an excellent start, you may also tailor your business insurance to secure your employees, tools, equipment, and vehicles. We typically suggest:

Workers' Compensation Insurance
Workplace injuries are more common than you'd think, particularly in your industry. Workers' comp eases these situations by helping cover medical expenses for job-related injuries and illnesses. This coverage can also compensate for lost wages while recovering from a workplace accident. Except for Texas, every state requires businesses with employees to have this coverage.
Commercial Auto Insurance
If your business owns work vehicles, you'll likely need commercial auto insurance. This coverage can also insure your personal vehicle if used for business. However, personal auto insurance won't cover your company car.
Tools & Equipment Insurance
If you frequently work at various locations, consider adding tools and equipment coverage. This policy can augment your general liability insurance, covering repair and replacement costs for all your tools and equipment.
Interior Carpentry Insurance Coverage
In the realm of carpentry, interior carpenters play a unique role, contributing to the beautification of indoor spaces. They expertly work with wood, install cabinets, create moldings, trim windows, and carry out numerous other detailed tasks. However, the precision and intricacies associated with this profession don't shield it from potential risks. At EJC Insurance & Financial, we provide specialized insurance policies for interior carpenters to address the unique challenges of this profession.
Concrete Flatwork Insurance Coverage
Concrete flatwork is a specialized field within the construction industry that involves the creation of flat surfaces such as driveways, patios, walkways, foundations, and floors. These professionals often encounter a unique set of risks and challenges in their work. Recognizing these risks, EJC Insurance & Financial offers an insurance solution tailored to concrete flatwork professionals.
Engineering Services Insurance Coverage
Engineering is a field that encompasses a multitude of disciplines, each with its own set of complexities and risks. Engineers are often responsible for designing, planning, and supervising critical aspects of various projects. Given the nature of their work, they need to be protected against potential claims or liabilities that may arise. At EJC Insurance & Financial, we provide a tailored insurance solution designed specifically for engineering services.
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Jessica Heddins

If there ever where a company and people to go above and beyond their job it’s the EJC team! The amount of information and eagerness to uphold the quality of customer service this gal has is truly remarkable!


LM Miller

The EJC team are such a wonderful group of people! I have felt like part of the family immediately upon contacting them and they also had lower rates than anyone else when I shopped around! Overall, they offer better value and the BEST customer service!! You can’t beat that!!


Lorraine Amos

Heather Fix and Rob Edgin with Edgin Insurance is absolutely one of the best companies I have ever worked with.  They are truly professional and extremely good at what they do.  Edgin Insurance handles all my properties and cars to include Financial advise.  I would recommend them to anyone!


Betty Fix

I have had ALL my insurance with Edgin for a long time.  They have always done a great job. Heather Fix is a professional and will not sell you something you don’t need.  She will work hard for you to get the best coverage for the best price.  If you need any kind of insurance call Heather Fix she will take good care of you.


Travis Froehlich

Edgin Financial and Insurance is amazing, especially Lisa!  Being a realtor, it's nice to have multiple vendors to refer to my clients for products and services.  The Edgin has never let me down with quick and clear communication to my clients.  And everyone I have referred that have spoken with Lisa have nothing but great things to say.


Tiffany & Antoinne Glover

The only reason we gave them a 5 Star was because there wasn’t a 10 to choose from. Their products are top notch not to mention their incredible service. Heather is an amazing addition to this fantastic company. Highly recommend.


Nick Kout

Tanisha has taken care of all of my insurance needs for 10years. Her accuracy and attention to detail is second to none. I have many classic cars, regular cars , recreational vehicles,  home, life , and no matter the amount of changes she and Robert always do what’s best for me!!!! Great company, great people!!!!


Ayana Hinton

Kaysia was the most helpful person in walking me through the steps of what I needed to do to get into my first house insurance wise. I had a million questions and she answered them all throughly and really calmed my nerves about the whole process. Definitely recommend this institution for anyone looking to get insurance!!


Mitchell McCombs

Kaysia was great! We went over all the possible scenarios for getting car insurance + homeowners insurance. Their homeowner may insurance is very strong and it’s something that I will revisit in the future. Unfortunately I went elsewhere just because of my current circumstances, but I would recommend them to anyone inquiring about insurance! It was a very pleasant meeting and their response time is very very good!

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